Iconic BIGFOOT® 4x4, INC. Bull Nose III & IV Decal Set

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Considered the last of the first generation of monster truck and the turn of the Monster truck racing.  Iconic styling and racing performance reigned supreme in the mid to late 80' BIGFOOT® III was built in 66 days back in 1984.  It was during the early days of monster truck racing that the first “stage two” monster truck was built, BIGFOOT® 4x4, INC IV.  IV was purpose built as a monster truck, as opposed to taking a factory stock pickup and modifying it for “monster” duty. 

The Bull Nose kit was modeled to hit those details of any enthusiast that grew up watching these beasts.

Sized to fit JConcepts 1984 FORD F-250 - MT SCALE BODY 13" wheel base, part number 0306.